My Customs

Custom life style

Tattoo Style Converse

Nothing like a stylish red shoe!


I luv Zombies!

Another great shirt ruined for my bad hability to take photos…


Blue Lantern Corps battery… But the photo is really crappy, cuz its a blue shirt and you can barely see here.. But turned out fine when you look it in person.

It was a fast one, think it took me bout 45 mins to finish it.

Monster Shoes

Thats a cool look for every foot!

Here is a pic before the colors:

Plants VS Zombies Slip ons

Who loves Plants VS Zombies? I DO!! Share the love on your feet! Custom for myself!

Baby Alien

That one was for a girl…

Mini Hellboy

Cute Hellboy shirt…


My friend went to Europe with this shirt, really drew some looks towards him…

Shake it!!

To my lil brother!

Kang from The Simpsons

He is so happy!!