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Great Animation! Great characters! Really lovely stuff!


It´s me: Luigi!

Love this guy!


Deadpool for those who wants to look like a “Funny guy”!


That was a lot of work! Took me bout 8 hours to finish it…  Simon Bisley is a true master and his work really amazes me! So this shirt is like a shoutout on how f*ing awesome is his art!


Bizzarro is my favorite character! That shirt is mine!

Hell shirt

Hellboy! The coolest character to have on a shirt!

Why indeed?

Used the classic Joker looks, with the new catch frase…

*The Joker is property of DC comics

Iron Shirt colored

Finished Iron Shirt! Used a brazilian Fabric Marker to do it.

Iron Man shirt

Thats the lines for this Iron Shirt!


*Iron Man is property of Marvel Comics.


Thats a hoodie i did for my mom… She really liked it.

~ Moleton que fiz para minha mãe… Ela gostou bastante.


* The Incredible Hulk is property of Marvel Comics.