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Hulk VS Wolverine


That took me a while, bout 8 hours to finish it… But turned out great and the client enjoyed it. So I´m happy.


Sonic Shirt

ImageThat one i made for a girl thats a real fan of this lil blue guy. Turned out really cool, with a hand made look. Hope you likes!

Plants VS Zombies Shirt

Went to Zombie Walk wearing it! Awesome²!

Iron Man Again…

Another take on Iron Man..

Silver Surfer Shirt

To my brother in law…


Great Animation! Great characters! Really lovely stuff!

I luv Zombies!

Another great shirt ruined for my bad hability to take photos…


Blue Lantern Corps battery… But the photo is really crappy, cuz its a blue shirt and you can barely see here.. But turned out fine when you look it in person.

It was a fast one, think it took me bout 45 mins to finish it.

Baby Alien

That one was for a girl…

Mini Hellboy

Cute Hellboy shirt…